Danny Adams
Danny Adams
29 May 2020

Shoreline Mafia is one of my absolute favorite groups out right now, and I know I’m not alone. I’ve been listening to them for years at this point, and their unapologetic attitudes mixed with some out of the box West Coast fueled beats along with innovative cadences and other unique experiments that always seem to work have constantly kept me coming back for more. They have such a unique way of being able to introduce certain gangster Rap themes into party anthems that are sure to turn any function up, and each member has an individualistic sound and persona that just contributes so much to the overall group.

While they’ve obviously been exploding in the underground in recent memory, Lil Yachty has always kept his ear to the streets and hasn’t been one to shy away from praising or working with promising up and comers. It’s weird to even consider Shoreline up and comers anymore because of all their success, but I still think they could be considered this due to the fact that they don’t get nearly enough recognition or props for all of the success they’ve had in such a relatively short period of time. They’re not slowing down whatsoever either, as they recruited Lil Yachty for a verse on their brand-new song “Ride Out” which released on the same night that he was dropping his highly anticipated and long-awaited project Lil Boat 3.

The instrumental for this hit is made up of some momentous piano keys that are met with the open arms of some characteristic percussion and smooth, sliding 808s. Nothing about this beat necessarily screams West Coast, but it’s almost like a bit of a compromise between Yachty’s Atlanta roots and the mafia’s Cali origins. As the track begins, Yachty talks into the microphone to preface his hook, which is his only part throughout the record, and he mentions how the production goes so hard that it’s going to be too easy for him and they should just give him his check now. He might’ve spoken a bit too soon, though, because his subdued mannerisms mixed with some pretty simplistic lyrics don’t necessarily stand out or wow me, especially after Rob Vicious, OhGeesy, and Fenix kill their portions.

OhGeesy comes in first, and his flow is as smooth as ever. It might not be his fastest or most impressive verse, but he rhymes multiple words throughout each line and just naturally bounces on any beat he’s given, with this case being no different. Rob is next up and begins his part with quick three-round burst bars that are repeated for emphasis with his ad-libs. After the first half, he proceeds to go into even more difficult and obviously impressive rapid-fire rhyme schemes that almost come off as having Drill Rap influences. Fenix closes this track out with a quick third verse, and his part is more along the lines of OhGeesy’s portion than Rob’s verse. His cadence isn’t overly fast or complicated but the charming, persuasive nature of his delivery is as appealing as ever. As with a lot of Shoreline’s songs, drugs, guns, and women are heavily prevalent in this track. Specifically, they mention things like not snitching on anyone, the correct way to make and sell certain drugs, and constantly getting money to spend on luxurious clothes, cars, and jewelry.

After hearing about this track and having to wait to get a chance to listen to it, I was a bit let down at Lil Boat’s addition. I don’t think it was the absolute worst thing I’ve ever heard whatsoever, but I’ve heard him make music that’s reminiscent of Shoreline’s style and it was beyond impressive, so I was hoping he’d do that on this song. It just seems like there was a bit of a lack of effort, and although he might’ve done this intentionally to come off nonchalant and smooth as the group typically does naturally, it seems as if his portion just fell a little flat. I don’t think it’s a bad song in the slightest, however, and I’m definitely going to be revisiting it consistently in the near future. That is after I check out some of the full-length projects that Lil Boat and some other extremely prominent artists dropped overnight. Whether you’ve been overwhelmed with new music waking up this morning as I have or just want to know what’s worth listening to, “Ride Out” is a great song that should definitely be added to the top of your list.


Link: https://youtu.be/rBgclsE0i6g