Richard Mille Patek – [Rich the Kid]

It has been quite some time since I have not only heard a new Rich the Kid song but it’s been even longer since I actually got excited about one. He went on a stretch of releasing bangers left and right for quite some time, but it seems like he had cooled off for a bit after songs like “Plug Walk” and “New Freezer” took the world by storm. Nonetheless, he was still grinding and working on new content, and while some of it might not have been up to the standards that we had in place after so many hits, it seems like he has hit his stride again and he’s back like he never left.

Of course, I’m talking about his brand-new release entitled “Richard Mille Patek”, a title that obviously references the insanely luxurious and even more expensive watches that rappers always seem to mention in their songs, at least for the past few years. While the song itself is an absolute smash hit, in my opinion, the visual which was directed by the one and only Shomi Patwary was just as good if not better, truly making this a one-two punch that you have to check out this weekend.

Obviously, with a name like Rich the Kid, you have to flex your luxurious goods, and that’s exactly what he does in this miniature movie. Opening up with him sitting at a food-filled table in the backyard of a massive mansion next to a pool, Rich goes absolutely nuts reciting his lyrics as beautiful women and a butler surround him on this lavish estate. As we’re making our way throughout the visual, we’re shown exactly how much of a mogul Rich truly is as he seems to play a part in investing, property development, sports, and more, proving just how much he definitely loves money-making endeavors.

There’s no doubt that Rich made a bit of a transition in his career, and this song proves it alone due to the fact that even his vocals sounded slightly different and nuanced, so I’m looking forward to seeing what else he has coming for us in the near future. I’m not sure if this was his own doing or if it was because he recently signed a deal with the booming label Rostrum Records, but either way, I’m not complaining even slightly. According to the press release for this track, we can expect a project at some point in the upcoming future, but since I have no clue when that is to be expected, I’m going to keep my fingers crossed and pay attention as we move forward. Aside from this, whether you were a fan of Rich the Kid prior to this new chapter in his career or not, you’re definitely not going to want to miss out on his brand-new single called “Richard Mille Patek”.