Rich MF – [Yella Beezy]

In general, when thinking of the music scene down in Texas, my mind tends to resort to the styles and sounds coming out of Houston. But this isn’t all that Texas has to offer — in fact, there’s something seriously notable going on in Dallas right now, and budding star Yella Beezy is here to make sure we know about it with his latest music video for “Rich MF.”

First things first — as I’m sure you might have been able to tell by the sound of this one — “Rich MF” is produced by none other than the legend himself, Pharrell. Few and far in between are the artists who can boast a Pharrell production spot, so in case you didn’t think Beezy was on like that, I just wanted to make sure you were well-informed.

Second off, considering the unique sound of the beat and its eclectic, haunting, and downright catchy style, it’s easy to understand why the new video for “Rich MF” has done such high numbers over the last few days. Yella Beezy’s luxurious look and effortless charisma simply can’t be touched, and the expensive, ice-cold aesthetic of “Rich MF” is sure to attest.

That said, in just about every single department, this song and video are guaranteed to impress, so I wouldn’t sleep on Yella Beezy any longer. The Dallas native is on his way to stardom, and “Rich MF” is an incredible way to remind the world. Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!