Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
10 Jul 2019

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to sit down and talk to an up and coming artist named Sachi. If the name looks familiar to you, that’s because we have featured him many times on the pages on Lyrical Lemonade. With the anticipation of his latest song release, I thought that this was a great chance to get an inside look at who Sachi is and learn more about why he has such a bright future in this industry.

Sachi’s musical journey was definitely a journey to say the least. He started playing guitar when he was 7 and started singing when he was 10. At age 16, he auditioned for a talent agency in Orlando and ended up staying there; He was a part of a band and appeared on TV shows. Once that stint was over, he moved back to his hometown of Philly and started taking music seriously. Once he realized this was a passion of his, he moved to LA after high school and tried to just figure it all out. One thing led to another and Sachi ended up meeting his manager.

Picking up to where we are today, Sachi is still growing, but has already dropped some really promising songs. When I asked him how life has changed, he explained that, “Life has changed like crazy. I’m from a small town in philly and now I’m meeting all of these people and taking all of these meetings with labels.”

Today, the artist just dropped a brand new song entitled “Rich Girls”. This song is definitely much different than some of the songs Sachi has been known to sing but it’s entertaining nonetheless. When asking about the idea behind the song, he said: “I wanna make an upbeat type song that sends a message. I looked on YouTube and was looking through earl sweatshirt type beats and just started freestyling. I want to show people that I’m not just this sad singer. I went to the studio and wanted to make something upbeat and I made this chorus and that’s kinda like me saying to a girl who is in High school who is jealous of all of the popular girls. Reassuring the girl who might not be as wealthy that she doesn’t have to worry about all of that. I like the real more than all of the fake stuff.”

The message is definitely a good one, and the song is even better! “Rich Girls” by Sachi is a tune that you’ll definitely want to check out! Its available on all streaming platforms, but I’ve added the Spotify link down below!