Retrograde – [Ebony Loren] x [Ethan Deetz]

Chicago talent Ebony Loren returns to Lyrical Lemonade with a gorgeously heartfelt new single titled “Retrograde.” Produced by Ethan Deetz, the track’s silky-soft melody meshes seamlessly with Loren’s tranquilly angelic vocals. The lyrics reflect a tarnished love that was once strong as Ebony philosophically comes to the conclusion that “things come and go with the passage of time.” The chorus is smooth enough to put listeners in a trance; each word is tragically yet so beautifully sung before the record’s guitar-led conclusion. Ebony Loren may only have singles out at the moment, but she’s already proven how exceptional she is as an artist. Whenever a project of hers is released, it’s unquestionable that it’ll be one you can’t forget. Listen to “Retrograde” below!