Aside from his clear prowess in the world of music, it needs to be brought to attention that MadeinTYO is somewhat of a style icon in the rap world, and today, he’s here to prove it with a fashion-minded new video for the song “Retro 88”. Equipped with a breezy, energetic instrumental, this track acts as a comprehensive display of the talents that we all know and love MadeinTYO for. He’s captivating, fun-loving, effortlessly cool, and above all, confident in a galvanizing way that any listener can relate to on a personal level. The new visuals for “Retro 88” follow this up by providing stylistic imagery of shoes, clothes, and skateboarding, and the result is a fashionable tint that I’m sure all of our readers will love. Be sure to check this one out at the link below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Song Produced by K Swisha
Directed by Tatsuaki Additional
Edited by LONEWOLF
Video Produced by Jiro Ikeda