The internet has had a fascinating effect on music; it has blurred lines between genres, encouraged collaboration, and more than anything, created a space for countless left-field artists to exist, all while finding and engaging with their fan base in the process. Today, reminding me of this impact is an artist by the name of Ren Haze with a brand new single, “Research Chemicals” featuring Burgundy.

Upon my first listen of this song, I immediately thought about why it exists, leading me to consider the aforementioned sentiment of the impact of the internet. Blending several genres and influences together, this song is eclectic in the best of ways, pairing one-of-a-kind production with a mesmerizing supply of vocals. As a result, the track maintains a unique sense of identity that is honestly unlike anything I’ve heard before, making it an easily memorable and deeply alluring all at once — from the sound to the style, texture, and structure, alike.

Ren Haze is certainly an artist to watch out for, so don’t sleep. Stream the beautifully weird song “Research Chemicals” below!