REROUT3 – [DC the Don]

Any artist out could easily just put out some songs that attract fans and they’d be happy, but I always love hearing about an artist’s backstory and how they came into being the musician they are now. While some backstories are filled with loss, heartbreak, or pain, DC the Don’s rise to fame was definitely more unique than most. I know I mention it in a lot of my articles on him, but he gave up his dreams of playing basketball at a high level to pursue his more prominent dream in music, and that’s a decision that I’m sure can’t be easy, so I give him all the credit in the world.

Although choices were made, I think that it’s pretty clear that no matter what happened, his talent and artistry were more than enough to justify this choice, and I am personally pleased to be able to call myself a fan and even possibly a friend after a few conversations we’ve had online. His hot streak never seems to come to an end, and he came back at the end of last week with a heater entitled “REROUT3” as well as a Josh Forman-directed music video that pairs with this record unbelievably well.

Not only is this song a hit, of course, but it’s actually produced by none other than JetsonMade, a hitmaker who we’re all familiar with, as well as some help from 1st Class and Sharkboy. As it begins, some very electric, powerful synths are incorporated which seems to be a trend in recent memory of music, and they’re combined with tapping hats and booming drums for a base that gives DC so much room to work with.

When he comes in, his energy is in full effect as he sings his lyrics effortlessly and addictively, making sure that his notes are clean while also incorporating some of his trademark rasp that is beyond appealing. This never waivers for even a second throughout, and he makes sure to keep his enthusiasm at sky-high levels in order to ensure that this song bangs from beginning to end. Although his career is still young and blossoming, DC the Don is clearly a star without a doubt in my mind, and “REROUT3” just backs up my thought process even more, making it a track you need in your life immediately.