Replace Me – [Nas] ft. [Don Toliver] & [Big Sean]

Whether you’re a young, new school fan of Rap music or you’re an OG fan of the “golden era” of music, there should be no question that Nas is one of the greatest emcees to ever grace a microphone. His thirteenth studio album King’s Disease was a project I was curious about because a lot of originators of the genre take one of two paths. One of these paths includes the mindset that they’re too good for the new generation of artists while the other path recognizes their talents and wants to include them. Nas took the latter, thankfully, and included a slew of new aged rappers like Fivio Foreign, A$AP Ferg, Anderson .Paak, Big Sean, and Don Toliver, among many others. Due to this, he was able to bring a hint of old school sounds back with the infusion of many newer influences, allowing the two time frames to collide, ultimately resulting in an absolutely unbelievable album, unsurprisingly.

In order to assist his incredible project, he has dropped off a variety of music videos, prompting me to cover his latest visual for “Spicy”, the bonus track featuring Fivio and Ferg. Just when I thought the fun might’ve concluded, he’s back and better than ever with a brand-new music video for his song “Replace Me”, featuring the ever so talented Don Toliver and Big Sean. The visual opens up on a lovely lady inside her bedroom as she pulls a photo album out from under her bed.

When she flips it open, the three talents are seen in an all-white film studio vibing out and reciting their lines. As she reminisces on old times, there’s a picture of her and a man who I assume is Nas on her bedside table, leading me to believe that they once were an item, but things seemed to fizzle out. As Nas begins to spit, other pictures in the album actually show videos of them together having the time of their lives in the bedroom, taking on the city, and cruising around on his motorcycle. Obviously, this reveals the fact that this woman regrets not having him there with her anymore, hence why she’s looking back at these memories and revisiting old times.

After his verse ends, she closes the book and drops it on the ground, leading us to the main scene in the photography studio where Don continues to effortlessly sing the chorus. As Big Sean goes in for his verse, we’re brought back to another scrapbook where he seems to be implanted in certain scenes that he talks about throughout his portion of the song. As the record begins to wind down, Sean and Nas meet up in one of the pictures to dap each other up. Finally, as the lovely photographer begins to wrap up and leave the job, Nas approaches her and they seem to hit it off, alluding to another memory in his crowded picture book.

I admittedly still have to revisit King’s Disease in its entirety because every single song I’ve heard thus far has been magnificent. Nas brings his old school talents that are as legendary as they come and combines them with the new school sounds that are as diverse as they are abundant, so I have no doubt in my mind that this album is absolutely unbelievable front to back. As for this track itself, Don kills his chorus per usual, Nas’s gritty yet smooth voice is enthralling, and even Big Sean, who I’m admittedly not the biggest fan of, brings this buttery flow to the second verse that fits in with the vibe seamlessly. Nas is an OG in every sense of the word, and I know his legacy will never die out, so make sure to check out his latest music video for “Replace Me” featuring Don Toliver and Big Sean as soon as you possibly can.