Rendezvous (Official Lyric Video)-[HYRA]

If you’re looking fo an undeniable Pop-Punk Anthem, then make sure you pay attention to this article! If you havent heard of up and coming artist, HYRA, then you’re most definitely in for a treat as she is immensely talented and highly infectious. Today, the Miami raised singer/songwriter is making it onto our page for the release of her brand new video for her song, “Rendezvous”. The single itself just dropped yesterday and this new visual breathes a fresh breath on an already impressive song. Through the verses and the lyrics, HYRA is expressing her true emotions and feelings which make way for a transparent and exciting piece

According to HYRA, she explains,

“If you pay close attention to the lyrics, you will notice the song takes ownership of one’s existence as a side chick similar to SZA’s “The Weeknd.” 

From start to finish, I was captivated by this showing by HYRA. She has the talent and the star qualities that will inevitably take her far in this business. I’ve attached the lyric video down below, so make sure you give this one a listen and let us know what you think!