REMEDY – [Kaleena Zanders] x [Ray Garrison]

“Ray Garrison and I wrote this song a few days after Juice WRLD’s death. Substance abuse continually takes the lives of our youth, and it’s sad that certain artists are glorified and exploited in the music industry for having extreme addictions and mental issues. I pray that we learn how to help struggling people, instead of use their problems for personal gain” Kaleena Zanders

Los Angeles based singer & songwriter Kaleena Zanders makes her Lyrical Lemonade debut with a ravishing new single entitled “REMEDY.” The “Supernova Songstress’s” empowering lyrics are instantly met with a radiant electro-alternative beat provided by Ray Garrison. The song’s thrilling pace allows for a breathtaking chorus that serves to guide the phoenix into newfound altitudes of love, healing, and transformation. Exposing systemic profiteering and the exploitative nature of the musical industry, “REMEDY” is a call against the threads of abandonment that’s left countless artists in the dust. Ironically I couldn’t help but note that this record of Zanders’s would be an excellent  fit for the soundtrack of a blistering new film or TV series (particularly one with a dystopian sci-fi theme). In any case, the versatility of Kaleena Zanders cannot be overstated, as she quite easily glides between genre fluid elements of R&B, rap, rock, indie, alternative and more. Listen to “REMEDY” by Kaleena Zanders and Ray Garrison below!