Remain Grateful – [Kelvo]

London based artist Kelvo nets his Lyrical Lemonade debut with a fantastic new song titled “Remain Grateful.” Immediately setting the tone as a proper lyricist, the opening bars are: “Even though shit ain’t great remain grateful / don’t have it in my heart to hate but shit was still painful.” Kelvo continues by detailing a particular incident that could have left him mortally wounded; hence his source of thematic gratitude. Although no specifics are revealed, listeners may assume someone else could have been at fault, which creates a fascinatingly mysterious conceptual aura. Admitting that his faith was nearly lost, Kelvo is also grateful for his resiliency, which enabled him to ‘connect with inner spirits’ for mental restoration. Sonically the production is ominous with a daunting melody and lowkey percussion, which gave me a dope infused impression of (early) Earl Sweatshirt and Lord Apex. Vocally Kelvo’s London heritage is certainly noticeable, but his nonchalant rap style and calm flow creates a distinguished form of delivery only catered to his own artistry. I look forward to hearing more music from Kelvo, and it would not surprise me if his underrated following skyrockets by the end of this year. Listen to “Remain Grateful” by Kelvo below!