Regista gyal-[Opraah] x [Liim]

If you were to ask me what song has been stuck in my head this past week, I would say, “Regista gyal” from Liim and Opraah without hesitation. The collaborative pair from New York released the single a week ago but have already found their way into my heavy rotation. The newly released indie-pop ballad checks off all the boxes. Liim’s voice is unique, straddling the line between singing and rapping with a nonchalant brand of confidence in his verses and hook. Opraah acts as the balance point, creating the perfect stage for Liim by creating a hypnotically groovy indie-pop ballad that is an undeniably addictive rush of dopamine that only gets more ingrained with each listen. Although the collaborative pair are fairly new, there is no denying that they have tapped into something exciting that you will want to keep a close eye on.

Listen to “Regista gyal” by Liim and Opraah below.