Reflexions – [Tony Shhnow]

I’m a big believer in speaking your truth, no matter the outcome. Tell people how you really feel about them, good or bad, and manifest greatness through the power of the spoken word. On Wednesday, June 15 at 3:17 PM I DM’d Tony Shhnow “bape ☆ is the best song ever made” with no expectation of a response. Why? I meant it, and sometimes speaking your truth takes form as giving somebody their flowers. For the uninitiated, Tony Shhnow recently released his newest project Reflextions – a collection of Southern flavored plugg tracks so timeless that they sound borderline nostalgic even though they dropped earlier this month. From the vintage shimmer of mixtape opener “Summer Off Relaxxx” to the booming minimalism of the Zelooperz-assisted “Last Chance”, Reflexions is a phenomenal showcase of talent from the young Atlanta-via-LA artist. If nothing else, Tony Shhnow has an impressive talent for presenting listeners with futuristic music that carries a deep reverence for the culture that preceded it. Even in the cosmic haze of the previously mentioned “Bape ☆” with Bear1Boss, Tony Shhnow is still referencing Soulja Boy while physically pushing the found of music forward. Though I could quite literally write a novel on how much I love this project, I’ll show some restraint and leave readers with a simple message. If you’re a fan of the  psychedelic and genre-blurring hip-hop and plugg music coming out of Atlanta and Miami, then Tony Shhnow is an artist you need to have on your radar this summer.

Check out Tony Shhnow’s newest LP Reflexions below: