Red – [$NOT]

$NOT is an artist who can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. Sure, he might not be an emcee who’s all about the bells and whistles and little flaunts here and there like most other artists are, but his straight, to-the-point type of personality is obviously a huge draw for fans all over the country. While I feel like I write a lot about $NOT, I just feel like I can’t let a single release go by the wayside, so with that being said, I had to talk about the brand-new music video for his most recent release “RED”.

Directed by UnkleLuc, things open up briefly on a ranch where a couple of beautiful horses are shown. Things quickly come up to speed with the rapper’s new lifestyle as he actually cruises around in an all-red Ferrari, bringing a new sense of the word horse to life in this one. From here, once the song begins, there are various transition shots utilized where $NOT pretty much straight up recites his bars in front of the luxurious vehicle as he’s accompanied by two hitman-looking individuals.

During these scenes, a ton of different effects are utilized to make it look almost like these parts of his life are all a blur as different colors and patterns take over the screen for a wild interpretation of the situation. Soon enough, a bit of a plot is introduced as one of these intimidating gentlemen hand him a suitcase, which he takes and then transports it to a waterside home where he hops on a boat.

Despite the fact that it must be a beautiful night considering everyone else is dressed for boat weather, $NOT is equipped with not only his trademark hoodie but a massive puffer coat, ensuring the fact that he’s staying quite toasty, even on the water. Eventually, while chilling in the lower cabin of the boat, the two previously mentioned guys sneak up on the rapper, killing him in plain sight in order to keep the briefcase for themselves, I can only imagine.

You don’t have to watch this video in order to realize $NOT is a superstar, but I highly suggest you do in order to get your daily dose of the Florida rapper. It might not be the most insane video in the world or even the most insane video that $NOT has ever created, but it still is just another amazing release that he can add to his arsenal for fans to enjoy. While $NOT is pretty much a household name at this point, you can now get a chance to see him on his World tour as he takes on 50 dates across North America and Europe, beginning with Rolling Loud Miami this Friday. While I’m extremely pumped to see him perform at the Summer Smash in just about a month, I’m going to keep running back his music so I can rap along to every single song he decides to perform. So, I highly suggest you get tickets here while you still can, and after you’re done doing that, check out $NOT’s latest music video for his song “RED”.