Reckless-[cam jones.]

My favorite newcomer deserves a lot of recognition and it’s amazing to see that it’s beginning to take shape for him. A couple of weeks back, I wrote about an artist named cam jones.. His song, “No Strings” caught my attention and introduced me to one of the newest faces in the rap game. Ever since then, I’ve been immensely intrigued by his music and patiently waiting to see what he’d drop next. Today on our pages, I’m so hype to bring cam back onto our pages for the release of his brand new single titled, “Reckless”; a track that may have just solidified his presence as an artist who is hear to stay for the long haul. 

After creating a respectable following on Tik-Tok and other social media platforms, cam jones. has had the ability to attract a plethora of fans from all over the country. His infectious energy and easy going personality serves a gateway for people to check out his music and once they do, those who listen become instantly hooked. For those who are interested in checking out cam’s music, I highly advise you to check out his latest song called “Reckless”. After this one, I’m sold on him and can easily say that he has a career in front of him. His confidence is what truly drives his star potential. It is extremely apparent that he LOVES what he does and it shows in his music. The 3 minute song has so many elements that will catch your ear. From the production to cam’s vocal presence, this one doesn’t miss at all. 

cam jones. is here to stay and it’s about time everyone takes notice. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think of his latest track! Enjoy!