recents – [conner]

There are moments when digging for music when certain songs fade into the background while others stand out definitively. This experience perfectly describes my discovery of conner. The newly surfaced artist creates a potent blend of edgy pop with soaring synths and live guitar implementation. One listen, and it was abundantly clear that the burgeoning artist is onto something special. His music thus far has been irresistibly catchy, euphoric, and teeming with an electricity that is impossible to ignore. His most recent single, appropriately titled “recents,” comes on the heels of his extremely well-received debut single, “theme song.” The new single follows heartbreak and the lingering reminder of love loss. Following the success of his first single, conner’s newly released follow-up continues to build a vivid picture of an artist that appears to have that highly coveted “it” factor. Expect to see conner’s name popping up in many more places as more and more fans discover his intoxicating brand of pop. 

Listen to “recents” by conner below.