Real – [Unfoonk] & [Young Thug]

It hasn’t even been a full week since Slime Language 2 was placed in our laps, yet I feel like with all of the new content we were given, it seems like it has been months. While there are names on here that I’m very familiar with like Travis Scott, Drake, Lil Baby, and many others, there were also artists such as YTB Trench, Unfoonk, Karlae, Strick, FN DaDealer, and others that I am definitely not very familiar with. While this might be the case for other listeners as well, it gives us the chance to get to know these rising stars and see how they perform on songs next to some of the biggest names in the game.

While almost every smaller artist on the project went above and beyond to make sure that they weren’t overshadowed in the slightest, I think Unfoonk had one of the best features on the album period. That’s why, when I saw his and Thugger’s song “Real” was getting a Never Panic-directed music video, I was beyond excited to see what the results would be.

After watching it, it seems to be a life story for Unfoonk, and while he tells tales of his struggles and his rise to fame, this visual does an uncanny job of putting a proverbial face to the name for the narrative that the blossoming rapper is sharing with listeners. Opening up, Unfoonk is locked up, but that is short-lived considering it seems to be the day that he’s being released. After leaving jail, he heads back to his home where his girl meets him and proceeds to get into an argument with the newly freed man.

Instead of doing something rash or regrettable, he heads to his bedroom to record music before Thug comes by his crib and starts cooking up in the home studio with him. One of my favorite parts actually occurs when Thug comes in for his verse, though, because Unfoonk turns on the news which shows Thugger as a guest behind the desk as he recites his lyrics for the camera. As the video continues, it appears as if the situation is getting better and more promising for Unfoonk as he hits some much larger, nicer studios before signing a deal with Young Thug and YSL, rounding out this influential and prideful tale.

Considering there are so many songs on the new album, and this is the second music video I’ve seen from it this week alone, I can only imagine that we’re going to be gifted many more videos and other content moving forward to keep YSL’s momentum as high as it can get. Considering I already loved this song, I wasn’t surprised that I liked the visual so much as well, yet it definitely blew me away with how they were able to complement Unfoonk’s story so perfectly, capturing every detail he shares in the song with clips throughout this miniature movie. While I still need to continue listening through the project to truly gain as much of a grasp on it as possible, I definitely loved the music video for the album’s song “Real”, so make sure you tune into that as well as soon as possible.