Hailing from Brockton, Massachusetts, Lord Felix and James Guild are two artists with inimitable talents when it comes to bringing unapologetic energy at a consistent pace. Today, the two standout talents join our pages with their latest collaborative single, “Ramble”. Produced by Baihaqy, this single looks to raw drum hits and looming melodies to provide the perfect atmosphere for aggressively honest lyricism. Felix and Guild take this advantage with full heads of steam, and when delivering their respective verses, are able to attack the beat with introspective, ambitious bars in a highly entertaining manner. Add this to a dash of charisma and a knocking instrumental, and you have yourself a standout offering from the first second to the last. With that being said, Lord Felix and James Guild are two of Massachusetts’ most promising young talents right now, so be sure to show some love and listen to their latest single, “Ramble”, below.