On several different occasions now, I’ve found myself entranced by the magical combination of ELEKTRA and Cor Blanco. Something about these two talents just clicks in regards to sonic and emotional appeal, and today, they’re here to prove it yet again with an undeniable new single, “Rainy Blues.”

Dangling bursts of personality and passion over a refreshing, summery instrumental, this song has an ingrained charm that you simply can’t help but love. Per usual, ELEKTRA’s vocals match hand-in-hand with the palatial production, and to my surprise, Cor Blanco even throws in a stellar vocal feature here, adding his own twist of charisma into the mixture. With this, “Rainy Blues” seamlessly illustrates the vivid connotation of a rainy day, concocting a song that seemingly exists on a cloud of beautiful sound that rolls right by and demands to be thrown on repeat.

That said, this one is yet another fantastic effort from the duo, so be sure to check it out at the link below!