Rain Freestyle – [Marzz]

This afternoon I am honored to bring our audience the Lyrical Lemonade debut of an artist that goes by Marzz, who is on our website with her brand new offering titled “Rain Freestyle”. Marzz is an eighteen-year-old singer from Kentucky, more specifically Louisville a city that has been having somewhat of a musical renaissance lately, in large part thanks to everything that Jack Harlow has been accomplishing. I feel as if the door has just been kicked down and many artists out of Louisville are starting to go crazy, and I believe that Marzz will be one of the memorable ones that we speak on decades down the line. Marzz has one of the smoothest singing vocals that I have ever heard, it’s damn near as perfect as it can get, which is scary considering she’s still just a teenager + will continue to improve over the years. I predict nothing but big things in the future for Marzz, I give it just a couple of years before she is known worldwide for her musical abilities, but until then, let’s just enjoy watching the growth. Take some time out of your Tuesday to watch this new music video below!