Race Me To Hell – [Dro Kenji]

Dro Kenji shows growth and flashes of superstardom on his new project ‘Race Me to Hell’. Dro has flooded the market by dropping two projects in back to back months. On ‘Race Me to Hell’ Dro Kenji continues to find his groove in creating melodic anthems. I feel like Dro improved a lot on his writing within his verses to go along with his skill to create strong infectious hooks. The production of this project is littered with the Internet Money camp and features names such as Taz Taylor, Nick Mira, Cxdy, and more. Some of the singles that I gravitated to were “Houdini”, “Acting”, and “Alien Outside” those are the records that stood out the most. Since linking with the Internet Money collective Dro has really found a sound for himself and it’s shown in how much his music and fan base have grown recently. If they keep this up Dro Kenji might be one of the breakthrough artists of 2021.

Stream Dro Kenji’s new project ‘Race Me to Hell’ for yourself after the break.