Control is one of our most prized possessions in life. Losing this, whether emotionally, mentally, or in any number of other ways, creates uncertainty, and well, uncertainty is uncomfortable — that’s just part of being human. Here to soundtrack his own loss of control is a supremely-talented rising artist, JUSTEND, with his brand new single, “Quartz.”

In regards to both sound and lyricism, “Quartz” finds its perspective on the verge of a breaking point, dangling between the certainty and uncertainty of an emotional cliff. As JUSTEND begins to fade away, these emotions spill out through his impassioned vocals and troubled instrumentation, placing a notably high emphasis on the way that his worries rock him to his core.

With that said, anyone can make a song about the struggles of love, but few can do it in such a sincere manner, especially while maintaining a head-turning balance between earnest truths and entertaining music. Needless to say, JUSTEND has not only discovered this balance, but also knows how to translate his deepest emotions into a universal sound that I’m sure a widespread palette of listeners can resonate with.

In such a way, “Quartz” feels like a new high for JUSTEND, and quite certainly, this song will have me locked in for future releases from the budding talent. Don’t just take my word for it, though — check out the new song at the link provided below!

Produced by @moflo_music 
Mixed & Mastered by @mikemrozproductions
Painting by @thirteen.vic, Cover Art by @thesquibs