Meet “Mondo”, Artist From Cleveland, OH Bringing Real Hip Hop Back To The Culture

Some of my favorite rising artists are coming out of Cleveland, OH. Coming from a small city, it’s difficult to find your way out, especially when opportunities are limited. However by working on your craft day in and out, eventually you will capture the eye of the right individuals. Mondo Slado has been writing rhymes for over ten years. He has a distinctive sound that you wouldn’t expect when you take a first glance at him. His creative mindset is the reason why his monthly viewers are beginning to pick up and we are starting to learn more about who Mondo really is. Ahead of his new release later this month, I had the opportunity to chat with the Ohio artist. Check out our interview below.

Lyrical Lemonade: Great to have you on our blog. Please, introduce yourself.

Mondo Slade: I’m Mondo Slade from Cleveland, OH.

Lyrical Lemonade: What was the inspiration behind shoot & ladders and what made you realize that rap was your chosen path?

Mondo Slade: The inspiration behind the album is to first, out-do my rap peers but also to constantly challenge myself by trying to make the most creative rap music.

Lyrical Lemonade: Do you remember the first song you made?

Mondo Slade: I actually don’t, only because I’ve made hundreds of songs lol. But I do remember whatever it was, it was wack lol. The first couple of songs I made in life came from beats that I got from King Rem, who still is my main producer today. We went to high school together.

Lyrical Lemonade: Tell us about the process of working with Syd Vicious. What’s the story behind it?

Mondo Slade: I have several songs with my good long-time friend Syd Vicious who is a well-known “Battle Rapper” with over a million views on YouTube.

Lyrical Lemonade: What makes your sound unique? How would you describe it?

Mondo Slade: I take pride in NOT sounding like ANYONE else who is in my genre. I think my overall perspective, style, vocabulary, and beat selection make me stand alone. One of the greatest compliments I’ve always received was that I have a unique sound and I’m “different” than everybody you put me next to.

Lyrical Lemonade: What advice would you give a younger artist?

Mondo Slade: I would say, stay relentless and NEVER stop. Keep being the person that you’ve always been, it’s gonna pay off.

Lyrical Lemonade: Who are your biggest creative influences/ peers?

Mondo Slade: I’m a big fan of creative lyrical rap; underground and popular artists. It’s too many artists to name that influence me. I get a lot of creative influences by just living life and reading books.

Lyrical Lemonade: And any particular artist/ you would like to collaborate with in the future? 

Mondo Slade: It’s too many to name, from Ric Marciano all the way to Future lol.

Lyrical Lemonade: If you had one message to give to your younger self what would it be?

Mondo Slade: It’s power in being an individual but always alone yourself with like-minded forces.

Lyrical Lemonade: Which artist had the most influence on you?

Mondo Slade: I would say overall, Wu-Tang Clan.

Lyrical Lemonade: What’s next for you after this upcoming project?

Mondo Slade: More projects until my name/rhymes are etched in your brain?

Stay tuned for Mondo new project coming out later this month.