Q – [Mei]

The incredibly talented R&B savant that is Mei has added another dub to his win column with the release of his single, “Q.” There is no doubt the Los Angeles-based artist’s music is one of my all-time guilty pleasures. His artistry has proven a proficiency as a vocalist and song-creator, swooning listeners with ease and captivating them with heartbreaking lyrics that feel good. Mei’s latest release takes an evolutionary step towards a sound we have not heard from the singer-songwriter thus far, and in all honesty, truly exciting. It is an incredible thing to see an artist with an immense amount of talent not only please his listeners with music that they have grown to love, but also challenge listeners with something new. This flip of the switch is a message to his fanbase and new listeners alike; a metaphorical wink and whisper, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” Mei digs deep, imploring psychedelic sonics, autotune, and an untapped ferocity that will leave you speechless and excited for what he has in store next. 

Listen to “Q” by Mei below.