Many of us may look at Jhene Aiko as the soft-spoken, soul healing queen of R&B–and would not be wrong for those depictions. However, very seldom do we see the other side of her–the side where she becomes more in tune and expressing her sexuality and intimacy within her music. Of course, we all remember the “groceries” that went viral, and her 2017 track “Maniac” in which this is when we first caught a glimpse of the luscious side of Jhene. Now that we have seen both sides, there’s no telling where she will go, what subject matter she will speak of, or the direction she will go on her next full-length project. She has been releasing music and features pretty frequently, but just a few moments ago she debuted her newest single titled “P*$$Y Fairy (OTW” (stylized for the sake of cleanliness I’m sure).

In this song, we receive much more of the lusty side of Jhene Aiko as she sings about her intimate interactions with her love interest. “You can’t get enough of me, well I guess it’s looking like you stuck with me” she sings–speaking to whomever she has sprung on her love at the time. Of course, this is a major deviation from the usual music we have grown to love from her, but I can never fault an artist for not only experimenting with various different sounds and vibes, but being as open and vivid with their fanbase as Jhene has been as of late. No matter what she will provide on her next outing, there’s no doubt in my mind that it will be on repeat for the months to come and will resonate with a vast array of fans of many genres.

Watch the visuals for her new single below!