Pulp – [Ambré]

Some music just hits you in a way that’s entirely unexpected. Whether or not you can pin point the exact musical element that causes something to awake inside of you, music that can simply make you feel is the music that is worth holding onto. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been introduced to some unexpected gems, but none more so than a rising artist who goes by the name of Ambré.

If you haven’t heard of her name, there’s still a strong chance that you’ve heard some of the music that she’s been involved in. The New Orleans native is actually responsible for writing two tracks on H.E.R.’s Grammy award winning album; a feat that not many artists can say that they’ve accomplished. With all of this talent, it was only a matter of time until the 23 year old singer/songwriter emerged into the spotlight.

Earlier this month, Ambré was announced as Roc Nations latest signing. Shortly after the deal was inked, her debut EP, “Pulp” was made available on various streaming platforms worldwide. The whole project is truly a triumph. After listening to the full 8 songs a couple of times through, it’s extremely evident to hear and experience the purposeful angle that Ambré aims to come with. Filled with mesmerizing vocals and simplistic production, every single song maintains the capability of standing alone as it’s own story.

Roc Nation is definitely onto something when it comes to this latest addition to their roster. A star is in the making. I’ve attached the Spotify link to “Pulp” down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.