Pull Up – [Nardo Wick]

If you’re ever on the hunt for new artists that are on the come up but don’t know where to look, checking out Nick Mira or any of the Internet Money team’s social media is usually a good place to start. Even if the artists they work with. Aren’t signed to the internet Money roster, they always discover some of the most entertaining blossoming acts, and it expedites my search process like crazy. Most recently, Nick posted about a song called “Pull Up” by an artist who goes by the name Nardo Wick. Apparently, I’m extremely late to the game considering Nardo has already amassed a very prominent following and has proven to fans that he’s next up, but I just somehow hadn’t heard of him prior to today.

With that being said, I’m just happy that I’m a part of the party now, and I couldn’t help but share it with you all just in case you were in the same position as I was. Opening up with Mira’s production, he gives us a tiptoeing piano melody that is accented by terse percussion and thumping drums, bringing everything together for an extremely hard-hitting instrumental. After the beat seems to drop, Nardo kind of just mumbles for a few lines as if to catch the rhythm before trying to go in. When he does finally take the leap and dive right in, he shows off a variety of interesting cadences that don’t necessarily sound too similar to any of his Florida counterparts, helping him stand out and differentiate himself nicely.

Considering this is my introduction to the Jacksonville native, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised to unveil the fact that he isn’t just another Florida clone because although I love the music scene down there, some of the artists just seem to get repetitive at times. He just has this casual, unphased demeanor that is combined with a quick wick (no pun intended) and versatile cadences that he has impressive control over. Alongside this song even comes a Diesel Films-directed music video that gives you a look into the life he lives on the come up, but I’ll let you check that out while you listen to the track. “Pull Up” is the latest track from Florida’s very own Nardo Wick with production from Nick Mira, so make sure you check out this awesome new track as soon as you can.