PSYCHO$I$ – [Legend the Rapper]

Legend the Rapper, aka Legend, is a talented American-born but Australian-based rapper out of Melbourne, who’s on the rise after dropping his latest project PSYCHO$I$.

The project itself is an 808-heavy E.P, which according to Legend is inspired by artists such as Young Dolph, UGK, and Key Glock. Aggression and raw delivery are two prevalent themes in this project, evident from the jump.

Starting off with “DÖN CHEADLE,” the intro track was made to be the song you play when you enter the room, giving off nothing but pure alpha energy. Track 2, we have “JOHNNY WEST,” an absolute banger, calling for listeners to do it for their hood.

G.I. JANE2 opens with an amazing sample of the incident of Will Smith shouting at Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars, immediately drawing the audience in. This pop culture reference brings a trendy and relevant style to this E.P., accompanied also with a catchy hook. Last but not least, is track four, “DANIEL RICCIARDO.” This record is named after the famous F1 driver himself, and is rightfully titled with its high-paced flow. “DANIEL RICCIARDO” completes this E.P. by giving the listener a ‘final form’ experience that shows Legend’s full potential.

What really stands out to me about this project and Legend the Rapper is his distinctive style that we don’t often hear. The vocal tone, aggression, and vivid imagery I could hear and see are something that’s not often prevalent in the industry today.

This E.P is a rollercoaster, with a high-energy flow that certainly maximized all of the 10 minutes this project lasts. Peep this unique offering by Legend the Rapper on Spotify below!