Though he may be a new name to Americans, Dave is arguably the hottest rapper in the U.K. right now at just 20 years old. Already putting up some crazy numbers across the pond, Dave is ready to go global, and the release of his powerful debut album, Psychodrama, might be what puts him over the edge.

Just 2:20 seconds into the album’s opening track, when he seamlessly changes his flow to match the slick beat-switch, is all it will take to convince you that Dave is something special, but “Psycho” is just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether it’s “Black” — a demonstrative statement about race and identity, “Lesley” — a gripping 11-minute storytelling track, or the more colorful “Voices,” Dave showcases his ability to take on heady subjects with authenticity while supported by top-notch production. As a result, Psychodrama never comes across as preachy and never lacks the punch needed to translate to listeners on all continents. That said, Dave is a name you are gonna want to get familiar with, so definitely give Psychodrama the time it deserves.