Denzel Curry and Slowthai have linked up for an exciting collaborative track today titled “Psycho”. This Florida x UK collaboration seems to have a lot of potential on paper, and once you hit play on the song, both artists capitalize on that momentum by feeding off each other’s explosive energy.

As they trade aggressive bars back and forth, they’re pieced together through a piercing horror-film inspired beat made by Kwes Darko. The producer’s mix of ominous strings, booming drums, and heavy distortion allow Curry and Slowthai’s verses to hit with a level of rawness that fits each of their own styles. “Psycho” comes right in time for Slowthai’s US tour and ahead of Curry’s European tour, and hopefully they add this track to their respective setlists as it would be the perfect soundtrack for a mosh pit. Listen to “Psycho” below: