Product of My Environment – [Nyck Caution] x [KOTA The Friend] x [Erick The Architect] x [Freddie Joachim]

Pro Era affiliate Nyck Caution is the latest Beast Coast member to tease a solo project, recently announcing his forthcoming album Anywhere But Here. Currently slated for a January 15th release, Caution blessed his fans with “Product of My Environment,” which is a new single featuring fellow Brooklyn artists KOTA The Friend and Erick The Architect. Produced by the legendary Freddie Joachim, the track is paired with a FAKEDELL directed visual incorporating a nostalgic touch. The ‘blast from the past’ video introspectively examines each artist’s upbringing represented by younger versions of themselves. For better or worse, the theme of the record emphasizes that every artist’s persona and discography is shaped by their accumulated experiences in life. For Nyck, losing his father was clearly a hard-hitting event that he’s learned to cope with, but naturally still grieves over. For KOTA, the perils of the streets brought upon sleepless nights as he and his family struggled to make ends meet. For Erick, living with a blind mother and partially deaf father brought upon challenges, not to mention having to get over a complicated guilt complex. However, despite the serious penmanship expressed, Joachim’s instrumental is optimistically exuberant, which could serve as a silver lining considering Caution, KOTA, and Erick all discovered success despite their respective hardships. Perhaps the implicit wisdom of the record is that we as humans may be products of our environment(s), but such a hypothesis does not mean that we cannot outgrow them. Watch the music video below!