Pristine – [TyFontaine]

I know what you’re thinking, here goes Danny with another TyFontaine article… When’s he going to stop? The answer is never, or at least not until he stops making music which appears to be the same answer, so just strap in and get ready for another hit. Although the slight hiatus was only a short period of time, Ty is back with an incredible new single entitled “Pristine” and the title does an incredible job of explaining just how awesome the song is.

Produced by hitmakers Cxdy and ThankYouWIll, we’re introduced right off the bat to some lighthearted piano keys and unique synths before simplistic yet rhythmic percussive elements enter the scene and provide an unbelievable basis for Ty to reintroduce himself to the world. In the hook, Ty constantly begins his sentences before interrupting himself with a scoff as if to say he doesn’t have to explain his drip, people already know what he’s rocking.

Eventually, though, he finishes each phrase with such personality and enthusiasm, it’s impossible not to admire the rapidly rising star’s charisma. The instrumental simplifies slightly in the verse, giving Ty a virtually blank slate to switch up his deliveries and flows which he takes full advantage of, sometimes almost using his voice as another instrumental layer rather than a message conveyor, proving that he’s truly one of the most dexterous voices in the entire industry.

While I’m absolutely loving the song itself, I was even more excited to see that Ty teamed up with the incredible director JMP to shoot a music video as he seems to take us through a day in the life of a Rockstar. Opening up, Ty and his friends hang out in front of the Goyard store, backing up some of the lyrics he mentions in the chorus as they dance around and show off their designer clothing to the world. Eventually, they take their talents to a few low-key places including the back alley and even a luxurious fountain where they continue to just exude good vibes and enjoy their time in the shining sun. Finally, one of the more random scenes takes us to an oceanside overpass where they revive their flaunts and just chill out, ultimately delivering a simple and chill yet always intriguing music video.

While it seems like Ty never sleeps considering the copious amounts of music he has dropping the last year or two, he’s lucky to be on a team like Internet Money considering they share the very same work ethic. Due to this, they are constantly getting work done day in and day out, so he’s one of the few artists that I truly believe when he says his album Ascension is actually on the way. Although it mentions that in the YouTube description of this visual, I’m not entirely sure if this song can be expected on the album or if it was just a loosie to hold listeners over, but either way, I’ve got zero complaints once again. Ty has been one of my favorite artists in the last year or so and I can wait to see him continue his streak of dominance, so make sure you tune into his latest track “Pristine” as soon as you can.