Mr. Wonderful himself has returned with the second single from his upcoming independent album, White Bronco. His newest single, “Prince Charming,” exudes the charisma and style Bronson has become renowned for. The new single comes off the heels of his previously released single “White Bronco.” A soul sample propels the Knxwledge produced track forward creating an airy pocket for Action to creatively maneuver through. In two verses Action delivers savage raps about his lavish lifestyle, foreign cars and his self-discovered sixth sense. The closing verse features subtle call-backs to his previous track, “Descendant of the Stars” as Bronson raps about reincarnation and his intergalactic capabilities. This track was made to be listened to while in the whip with the windows down. Listen to Action Bronson’s new song “Prince Charming” below and tell us what you hope to hear from his new album in the comment section!