The incredible talents of Myles Cameron have returned with the singer-songwriter’s latest single, “Prettysoon.” Cameron’s latest release, which comes only a few months after the release of his six-track, Lonely Suburban Blackboy – EP, is another undeniable example of his jaw-dropping musicality and ever-growing artistry. Opting for a more instrumental-driven production, Cameron’s latest single is an ode to love’s powerful constitution. 

Myles Cameron wastes no time in starting this acoustic-like record. Immediately embracing listeners with his warm vocals, Cameron delves into the heart of the song’s subject matter; love. His delivery is calm but firm, vividly bringing to life the heart-warming nature of this record and its equally touching production. Listeners are not just being told this story but living it through Cameron’s eyes. His optimism and steadfast tranquility are felt as well as heard. The courage in this vulnerability not only strengthens the record’s delivery but cements it as a love song that can be played generations from now. Myles Cameron has undoubtedly succeeded in delivering another towering example of his potency as an artist.

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