Last month, I wrote about the impressive writer/rapper/producer pat junior from North Carolina. Since then, his 12 song playlist of his own work, For Summer/Fall 18’ has been well received by a lot of Hip-Hop fans. One of my favorite songs on that project was a track entitled Pressure. The production was unrivaled and pat’s flow was off the charts.

Today, I woke up to the surprise that pat has dropped a reimagined version of his track Pressure featuring well known rapper Alex Faith. Both of these talented individuals are under Mike Luna’s management roster, so its really cool to see the two of them team up to put a new twist on an already impressive track. Alex’s addition adds a complimentary dynamic that just seems to work so seamlessly. 

pat definitely came with some heat on this refreshing release. I’ve attached the Spotify link below so make sure to check out this new offering!