Pressure + Layers – [BIGBABYGUCCI]

Just a week or two ago, BIGBABYGUCCI dropped off his highly anticipated project entitled 1 Night I Took Acid, and while I still want to dive even deeper into this record, I can already tell you without a doubt in my mind that it’s one of his strongest efforts to date. That’s saying a lot too because he has been known as one of the biggest phenoms in the underground, so with a discography as strong as his, other artists can struggle to live up to their previous hits. Obviously, this isn’t the case for BBG though, and throughout the 12 songs that last right about 26 and a half minutes long, GUCCI takes us on a journey to another world that you need to hear to understand exactly what I mean.

Although there are so many hits on this project that it’s hard for me to choose specific favorites, I think it goes without saying that a fan favorite was one of the project’s singles entitled “Pressure + Layers”. While the album’s version features the legendary Cold Hart, GUCCI decided that he wanted to team back up with filmmaker Keaton Jones to shoot a movie for this hit, and I couldn’t have been more excited after all of the snippets and previews that were shared all over social media. As it opens up, BBG and his girl are in a movie theater wearing 3D glasses.

While things seem normal at first, other quick, frantically shown shots show creepy figures, frenzied movements, and psychedelic visuals that must signify the acid that he refers to in the album’s title is finally kicking in. As the song truly comes in full force, colorful lights, quick, random shots, and even more characters are brought into the scene in order to show off all of the wild visions GUCCI must be having while on his proverbial trip. Although I can’t confirm that this is what taking acid is like because I haven’t done it, I feel like. This just might be an accurate representation based on stories and previous accounts that I’ve heard about, and I would like to imagine that he did his research before just randomly creating a project named after the psychedelic.

All in all, the visual for this record is one of the most intriguing videos I’ve seen all month, and I’m not surprised because BIGBABYGUCCI has been dropping nothing but gems recently. At the end of the visual, too, there is some behind-the-scenes footage of an angry, bitter citizen confronting GUCCI and his crew about being too loud while filming, but that part of the job must just come along with the lifestyle of the rich and famous. While I can’t wait to run back 1 Night I Took Acid for the foreseeable future, I highly suggest you do the same and if for some reason you need any convincing, just watch the music video for “Pressure + Layers” and you’ll be hooked.