Premiere: Slizzy Bop – [2219 Lee] [Cash Cobain]

2219 Lee has appeared on our pages several times in the past. His first appearance – and the song that really tipped me off to Lee’s natural run-that-last-line-back abilities – was “HAKEEM” alongside close collaborators Mali Smith and Cash Cobain. Ever since, a slew of high-energy songs have built upon and mastered this inimitable style of music, which leads us to the justifiably titled “Slizzy Bop”: a 2219 Lee x Cash Cobain joint, built around a sample drill flip of Kodak Black’s “Skrt” – because in typical Cash Cobain fashion, of course it is.

Premiered with a matching visual component, Lee and Cobain’s latest demonstrates that this type of music doesn’t allow for a passive listen. Sexy drill is a full-body experience, which in the case of “Slizzy Bop,” is perfectly illustrated with a set of dance-heavy visuals shot the same night as Cash Cobain and Chow Lee’s 2 SLIZZY 2 SEXY deluxe release party. As such, you can feel the energy in the air on this one… the streets are crowded, people are dancing at every turn, and the “endless party” appeal of Cash Cobain’s movement-inducing production is at full force.

Sit with this one a few times, dance in your bedroom to it, play it the next time you’re having a night out, and as always, decide which one-liners are going to stick in your head this week — because much like any release from Lee and Cobain so far, there are bound to be quite a few.

Watch the “Slizzy Bop” music video below and if you’re looking for more from this world of sound, check out the “WIZZAS IN PARIS” music video that dropped earlier this week here.

Shot By Water+ 
Edited By Al20Cal