Premiere: “Security” Is a Giant Step For Wubz, and an Even Greater Step For Pop

Plenty of unfounded and completely of-their-own acts have burst onto the grander music landscape this year with a nearly flawless record of making an impression in some sort of manner. But even among this historic crop of young talents who are out now in droves, no one can quite match the pure and unadulterated creative force that Wubz has become known as in 2020 alone. 

Though they find themselves within this ever-crowded rising pop scene that has arisen over the past year in its entirety, every single aspect that defines their artistry stands in such ideal contrast to their contemporaries in every single beneficial manner possible. With a raw and unfiltered inflection that is as emotionally dense as it is sonically deep, and the production stylistics of a simultaneous mastermind of alternative pop and modern hip-hop alike, there is simply no one else who is better equipped to be a lifelong influence out of this scene than they are by themselves. 

Their new single “Security” is a statement piece that backs those aforementioned claims up with the utmost certainty and grace. Its soft lead guitar riff opens the doors for what can only be described as one of the most exhilarating musical experiences from any genre this year, regardless of one’s level of prominence. That infectious riff comes to be backed up by further spotless production, captivating and vigorous lyrical themes throughout, and an overall breathtaking performance from Wubz themselves on the mic.

It is a track that is unfathomably outstanding in the moment, and one that will stand the test of time moving forward as their trek towards superstardom becomes more real by each day’s end.