Premiere: Persona – [PNTHN]

In the age of social media, artists who spike in popularity thanks to one-time virality often experience a fall just as rapid as their rise. Put simply, volatility is too high when no stable foundation is built, and consequently, it becomes nearly impossible for these viral sensations to expand their vision and build on their “moment” while it’s still there. For Texas rap group PNTHN, however, we’re seeing the exact opposite.

One release after another, PNTHN has slowly but surely proved themselves as an act worth watching, simply by putting thought and care into the construction of their careers so far. As a result, even at such an early stage in their rise, the group boasts a strong catalog of music and a feverish following in their native Texas, not to mention an incredible resume of live shows and even better reviews from critics. Accordingly so, the stable foundation has been built, and as PNTHN looks toward the future with releases such as their latest — “Persona” — fans await the inevitable moment when that first domino tips and the group is off to the races.

With this, “Persona” looks, sounds, and feels like the moments leading up to this soon-to-come explosion. From the hilarious opening scene in which a rag-tag restaurant staff is crticized for their poor work to the wall of energy that arrives through the song, the latest from PNTHN seemingly capitalizes on all of the group’s most prominent strengths: chemistry, energy, lyricism, and more than anything, character.

Furthermore, pertaining to song structure, “Persona” flexes a muscle that not many other groups — or artists, for that matter — can boast right now: the ability to hold a listener’s attention with 3 and a half minutes of straight rapping. Acting as the glowing exception, of course, PNTHN pulls it off with their barrage of in-your-face rhymes and posse-cut enthusiasm, and the best part is, they match it to an incredibly memorable music video, ensuring that this one will stick in fans’ minds as they continue to push forward.

That said, all signs point up for Texas’ own, and I couldn’t be more excited. “Persona” is the perfect release for the moment that PNTHN is in right now, and while I could write about this one all day, I think the music and accompanying visuals speak for themselves.

Watch “Persona” below and stream the song here!

Directed by ChristoCantSee
Produced by Por Vida & Nephew Hesh
Mastered by Pe$o