John Matraia
John Matraia
10 Jul 2019

Photo Credit // Bank of NH Stage (Concord, NH)

Deathbomb Arc’s very own Ed Balloon is about to pop off, and his brand new single “Missed Call”, released today, is proof. His new album The Dubs is set to drop next Friday, and today Ed dropped one of the best singles of the year, alongside none other than Open Mike Eagle and They Hate Change.  

“Missed Call” is a generally atmospheric and somber offering, but alternates back and forth from peaceful to intense at the drop of a hat. It all begins with a profound verse from Open Mike Eagle backed by a synth, hi-hats, and some subtle drums. Ed Balloon belts out some heartfelt vocals following this, along with his infectious refrain that proclaims “pick up the phone” throughout the track. This catchy refrain is indicative of Ed’s ability to write thoughtful but equally enjoyable songs with replay value as he tends to do throughout his upcoming project.

They Hate Change, a duo who dropped a solid EP a few months back, also courtesy of Deathbomb Arc, make a great contribution to the track. The duo trade off, delivering a couple of emotionally poignant and heartfelt verses that add senses of paranoia and vulnerability to the track. Ed returns after this as the track culminates into a climactic finish, and with that, one of the most impressive singles of the year.

If this track is any indication, Ed Balloon is about to make waves with this new project, pre-order it here, and check out “Missed Call” below!