Premiere: JUNGLE – [DillanPonders] ft. [Ruby Waters]

Every single person has had to readjust their plans in some way, shape, or form this year  due to a pandemic that continues to throw us curve balls. Its been a time that has provided different things for different people, for some being a time to just slow down and others it has been a major factor in the unwraveling of their lives. Its been a unique experience for all, but there’s no question it has made everybody readjust their plan, for better or worse. I’m excited to premiere a new release from a resiliant Canadian artist that has taken the past few months to dial in, providing the world with an enhanced sound and a demeanour that exudes confidence.

We haven’t heard much from Toronto artist DillanPonders this year. He has been the type of person that has taken this year to emerge from the chaos beautifully, much like a butterfly from its coccoon, using the time to completely evolve as an artist and as a person. Today we are premiering his brand new single “JUNGLE”, a triumphant anthem that is the perfect statement piece to let people know they’re no longer dealing with the same DillanPonders. At this point, Dillan has released a strong catalog of music but his life still continues to provide him with challenges to overcome. This is the underlying theme that provides the real emotional energy that can be felt throughout the entire song.

What has always stood about is Dillan is his gruff voice that consistantly provides witty bars with expert delivery, a master of controlling the unique voice he was given. His upbeat energy on this song is magnified by immaculate production from Losh, an archetect for many of Toronto’s most outstanding artists. His work with Dillan comes together as an effortless collab, which would make for a great song but things are turned up another notch with the addition of the wildly talented and quickly rising act known as Ruby Waters. Fresh off the heels of releasing her own EP If It Comes Down To It a few weeks ago, Ruby has become somebody everybody is beginning to pay attention too and deservedly so. Her smoke alto voice cuts through the hectic beat perfectly, this song is a great introduction to why she is being seen as one of the most impressive new talents coming out of Canada this year.

Combining over outstanding percussion, Dillan and Ruby each bring such fiery passion to this song. The pair touch on themes of the ups and downs of life, how crazy things can get on the turn of the dime which is something most have experienced in some form in 2020. While “JUNGLE” is a song fit for heart-thumping workouts, it is also one of Dillan’s more personal songs. Through his verses, Dillan outlines issues his now ex-fiancée, a constanst frustration with various areas of the music industry, and very real experiences with drug addiction and homelessness — all while battling a lifelong mental illness with bipolar disorder.

Through it all, Dillan has cemented himself as a leader in the Concrete Jungle that Toronto is, simply by remaining consistant and always remaining true to himself in terms of his artistry. This latest single not only shows a strong step forward in Dillan’s sound, but also serves as an electric warning message that Ponders is not playing around. With this being the lead single for Dillan’s highly anticipated upcoming album, expected later this fall, it is a strong indicator for what we can expect from this point on. Take the time to listen to “JUNGLE” loud, as the initial claps are heard a certain energy can be felt that is radiant no matter how many times you listen. Be on the lookout for more music from DillanPonders in the near future!

Stream “JUNGLE” on all platforms here!