Chuck Ramos
Chuck Ramos
28 Jul 2020

St. Panther’s arrival into the space is absolutely marveling. Making her debut with the sync placement of her song, “Infrastructure,” on season 4 of the critically acclaimed HBO series Insecure and then a candid and honest performance on her single “These Days,” St. Panther is building a resume of authentic and frankly incredible music. Her unique sound that blends hip hop, r&b, and funk is beautifully chaotic, groove-inducing, and overwhelmingly gripping. To no surprise, her new single “Highway,” released alongside an accompanying music video, is a blueprint of the kind of authentic brand of music and artistry we should begin to expect from the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

Her creative new video for “Highway,” directed by Spencer Ford, is a kaleidoscope of psychedelic progression that captures the overwhelming, and at times out-of-body experience artists feel when pushing their creative juices to the maximum. “Highway” is very much sonically categorized the same way the video is; blood-pumping adrenaline caused by funky bass-lines, hypnotic choruses, and awe-inspiring rap flows. This exploration into something new is told by the video’s somewhat anxiety-inducing point-of-view illustration of a car zipping along an intricate track. The artist is the car, and the creative journey is the road; both objects leave unmistakeable impressions on one another, creating friction, then a spark, and finally a roaring fire. St. Panther shared some words on her new single and visual, saying,

“‘Highway’ is a song I wrote over a year ago about embodying the energy that comes with being an artist, how at times the most exciting part about it is operating from a place beyond your usual self – the video definitely fell into that theme. Spencer Ford and his crew set up what I think was 700+ feet of hot wheels track, and the entire maneuver behind the video was much like the subject matter. We’re operating beyond our means as artists – and sometimes we unearth an extremely exciting and new version of what we do. I see the road to that much like a highway.”

Check out the Premiere of “Highway” by St. Panther below.