Premiere: He Seems Upset-[The Hails]

The Hails have made it onto our page before, but their latest appearance might just be my favorite. The band who was featured last for their notable track, “Situation” is making it back onto Lyrical Lemonade for their brand new project that dropped today. Ever since stumbling on this promising act, I have been keeping close tabs on what they’ve been up to. When you listen to their music for the first time, its only right to want more from them and I’m excited to say that today, they have definitely delivered. 

The talented 5 piece group just released their debut EP and it truly is everything you’d hope it would be and more. The 8 song project called “He Seems Upset” is proof that these guys have a bright future ahead of them. Filled with an eclectic mixture of songs that show off their range and innate hit making ability, there is no shortage of fire power. It’s really hard to pick my favorite song since every single one stands on its own, but if I had to pick a focus track, it would be either “Empty Castles” or “Heartbeat” as these are the two songs that I haven’t been able to stop listening to from the moment I pressed play.                                                

The Hails have done an amazing job of just creating music that sounds amazing. Whenever you come across a band, its easy to place them in a box, but I truly believe that theres something within this project that every type of music lover will enjoy and share. I could truly go on and on about these guys but in order to avoid looking like their personal fan club, I’ll let you all check it out for yourselves. I’ve attached their debut EP, “He Seems Upset” down below. Give it listen and congratulate The Hails on a stellar release day! Enjoy!