Photo Credit // Kenny Bobby

Meticulousness is a quality that not all artists possess, but those who do stand out, and this is why the criminally overlooked They Hate Change is such an important act in hop-hop. The duo has returned with a brand new track and music video, titled “Giancarlo”, in support of a new EP due out September 13th, called Juices Run Clear.

Earlier this year, Andre and Vonne caught our attention with their Clearwater EP, and ever since then we’ve kept an eye on them. We’re impressed with their boundary-pushing in-house production and creative flows, along with the fact that they’ve seemed to reinvent themselves with every release while still having their own sound.

“Giancarlo” is an erratic return to form, sounding more like something that could have landed on the duo’s incredible Now, and Never Again project, as the production here features watery synths underlying fast-paced percussion. Vocally, the two continue to show off what makes them great: personal and thoughtful lyricism, commanding vocal cadences, and catchy flows. Their budding personalities shine through the chaotic production, which hits all at once, and proves to make this a captivating two and a half minutes.

The black and white visuals here, directed by Xandra Robyn, are as chaotic as the track itself, with flashing, up close and personal shots of Andre and Vonne spazzing out as the track and music video progressively increase in intensity.

Pre-order their upcoming EP here, stream this new track on all platforms now, and check out the music video down below!