Premiere: Cold Waters (Official Video)-[Hong Kong Boyfriend]

Yesterday, Hong Kong Boyfriend had zero monthly listeners on Spotify and not a single song on his catalog; Today all of that changes for the up and coming artist who has completely sparked my immediate interest. For most new artists, there is always an inevitable stage of “proving oneself” that has to take place. Before A&R’s and Tastemakers are able to bet all of their chips on an emerging act, it is important to see if the upcoming music is just as good as what caught their attention in the first place. In the case of Hong Kong Boyfriend, I don’t believe that course of events will be necessary as he has already managed to prove himself after his debut release. 

There is being intrigued by a song enough to follow the artist but, then, there’s being utterly captivated in a way that is rare to experience. After listening to Hong Kong Boyfriend’s new single, I’m most definitely in the latter category. The fresh offering, titled, “Cold Waters” is truly the song of the month for me. Before August ended, there had to be that statement track that makes me lose my mind and this is the one. The emotion fueled track is the perfect introduction to the 21-year-old Mountain View, California native who has chosen to not withhold anything from his artistry.

Centered around the crazy rollercoaster ride that we call love, Hong Kong Boyfriend does an amazing job of bringing us into his world as he drips his feelings and emotions all over this beautiful canvas of a song. To shed some light on the inspiration behind the piece, HKB explains:

“When I was young, I met with a girl who played cello and talked a lot more than me. I had a flip phone and a single speed bike. I wouldn’t say we were in love; I would say we were obsessed with each other’s lives. “Cold Waters” is a song about spiraling.”

To make this official release even better, HKBF and his team decided to drop a video to go along with the beautiful piece directed by Aamir Khuller. From a stylistic standpoint, I’m not sure if you’ll watch something more stunning. From the camera angles, to the color tones, an ambience is created that teeters the line between nostalgic and futuristic while making the two blend in a effectively cohesive way. Throughout the visual we see a myriad of individuals who all contribute to the delicate picture that’s being painted. The cast includes HKBFEric ChenAdam DrazanJimmy NguyenSusana Villegas and Yong Loh.

I haven’t been this excited about an artist in a long time. The song is moving and the visual is stunning. We are currently witnessing the beginning of something special forming and I’m so excited to watch it all take shape. “Cold Waters” is out everywhere. Check out the Youtube Link down below to watch the video! Enjoy!

Directed by Aamir Khuller

Cinematography by Cade ML

Produced by Nick Scully

Written by HKBF

Styled by Yong Loh

BTS via Mitchell Zaic & Ava Doorley

Special Thanks: Ourros