Premiere: chamber johan + Phases (video)-[Johan Lenox]

When you use the phrase generational talent, I believe the name Johan Lenox needs to be in any conversation that you might be having. The well established and well known artist is truly one of the most talented individuals in the music industry right now, and it’s about time that we took time to celebrate all of the genius that he possesses. I’ve witness this man take a song from 0-100 just by adding simple string elements to it and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever witnessed ever. I’m so hype to be bringing this legend onto our page today and if you’re reading this, you should be too!

For a majority of his life, Johan has been fixated on classical music. That is until he heard “My Dark Twisted Fantasy” for the first time at a house party while on Acid. It was at this moment when Johan’s interests and taste began to change although he’s managed to stick close to his classical roots. From then, the musician began dabbling with the possibility of crossing classical music with other genres. The Massachusetts native then was off to the races as he began the composer of Yeethoven in 2016, which was a concert that featured music from Kanye and Beethoven and combined a 50-piece orchestra. His accomplishments in this medium quickly garnered then attention of Mike Dean & No I.D. Since then, Johan has played a part in bringing to fruition music from Travis Scott, Vic Mensa and even Kanye himself.

Whether he’s producing, writing, composing or adding his vocal talents, Johan is truly a spectacular talent who has had his hand in your favorite music. His own music is even more spectacular and today he’s making it onto our page for the release of “chamber johan”, a collection of his released songs that were re-recorded with orchestral inclusion. This amazing collection of string accompanied songs features artists like, Cousin Stizz, Lil Keed, kota The Friend, Landon Cube & Yung Pinch. When asking Johan about this, he explained,

“Live strings are a huge part of every song I release and my work on other artists’ projects. A couple years ago I had the idea to start releasing alternate versions of my songs with just me and a string quartet, as videos taking place in a recording studio. People kept asking for me to put them up on streaming so with my debut album coming later this year this felt like a good time to do that to get people excited… I totally reworked them to try to make them specific to a recorded setting, no longer worrying about whether they work live or not but using production effects and techniques to just make them special on their own terms. Hopefully in addition to getting to hear alternate versions of these songs people will enjoy hearing some of the artists I’ve featured like Lil Keed or Kota the Friend in a new context over my live string arrangements.”

What’s even cooler about this release day is that Johan just released a brand new video for his chamber version of the song “Phases” and it’s unbelievable in every way. The Aamir Khuller shot video is stunning in every way as it follows Johan through a beautiful mansion singing every lyric to the phenomenal song. I can’t stress how much I’ve enjoyed this rollout from Johan and I know y’all will as well! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below as well as the music video, so check this one out ASAP and let us know what you think!