PREMIERE: cat out the bag-[contradash]

With so much music coming out every single day, it’s very easy to lose sight of whats authentic and what isn’t. To be completely honest, a lot of artists these days really just look and sound the same which is quite underwhelming when looking for the next big thing. A while back though, I stumbled upon an artist who completely restored hope in to my soul; A hope that made me believe that there are still authentic and original artists out there who are ready to push the limits of creativity and create something new that the world has not seen before. This artist is none other than contradash; A name that many people have heard and a name that many people will continue to hear as time goes on.

Have you ever interacted with someone who possessed a natural confidence that was just infectious? Well thats the energy that contradash gives off and I haven’t even met him. What makes a star is obviously the music, but it also comes down to how that individual carries themselves. contradash not only has the music aspect covered, but he’s also just a walking vibe, which is why his fan base continues to grow and grow day by day. When I say this guy is going to be huge, I pray everyone reads those words with the utmost attentiveness. The recent Interscope signee has dropped 4 songs already with today’s release being his fifth and one of my personal favorites so far. 

The single, called, “cat out the bag” is sonically pleasing offering in every single way. Whether it’s contradash’s unique vocal tone or his clever verses, this song is unforgettable. The production truly creates a space for the up and coming star to pour his heart out in a way that sounds amazing. What makes this release even better is that there’s a video that goes along with it and we’re so excited to be able to premiere it for everyone this morning. I was able to grab a quote from contradash about the song and video, and he explained: 

“To keep it short, this song was about a weird concept I was going through with a girl I met through some mutual friends. We were involved and didn’t really let anyone know, but it wouldn’t have been a problem if we did. It was just kinda for the fun of keeping a secret, but it got messy after a while. Things kinda turned out awful for me. For the video, I wanted to have a video where everyone looked undeniably cooler than me. I needed to. It represents how I felt all the time when I was in that situation. I also made sure the cast was friends from my hometown, aside from Alex.”

This brand new offering from contradash was a blessing to all of us. He’s making insanely good music and it’s an honor to be able to cover it. I’ve attached the music video down below for “cat out the bag”. Give it a watch and let us know what you think!