Every so often, an artist will come forth with a release that feels like a mission statement; something that acts as a foundation for their art as a whole, and something that sticks out as especially true-to-self, so much so that it seeps through the music. 17-year old artist Tommy Fleece is here today with a masterful example of such.

Taken off of his brilliant Audio Tactile Synesthesia project, the Detroit-based talent just delivered a brand new video for “All Down To Me,” and by all counts, it looks, sounds, and feels like Fleece in his rawest form. On one hand, the track is decorated with an out-of-tune piano, deeply personal in its imperfections and a wonderful complement to Fleece’s heart-strung vocals. On the other hand, the music video for this one builds on the rawness of the music, using mesmeric visual effects to portray the movement and emotion in the song without missing a beat. Bringing the two together, “All Down To Me” becomes a massively compelling culmination of sound, visuals, and personality, representing everything that makes Tommy Fleece such an exciting new artist.

To summarize the release, Fleece himself offered us a few words:

“All Down to Me” felt so natural to make that I just sat down on my family’s old, out-of-tune piano and started recording. The video that Drew Kielo made for this project was the perfect blend of abstract expression and eccentricity for the feeling that I was trying to portray for the track. Throughout the song, everything seems to get more unpredictable and less linear until it all comes together at the end and I feel like that alone sums up who I am as an artist and as a person.

Check out the new music video for “All Down To Me” below, and if you haven’t already, stream Audio Tactile Synesthesia here (“Coffee Bean” is a personal favorite)!

Directed by Drew Kielo