Precious – [Aldn]

In a landscape dominated by close connections dating as far back as 2018, no one has climbed up the ladder in regards to the next era of pop music quite as far as Aldn has this year. Bursting onto the scene with a tellingly dynamic status about himself – what with his subdued and laid back delivery no matter how intense or otherwise his instrumentals come off – he’s taken all that defines this genre’s nuanced place and has carved out his own niche in the process. 

In his short time in the spotlight, he has released single after single that adds something new to his ever-growing arsenal of styles — regardless of how little or the least bit noticeable these things are from the outset. “Precious” is his latest in this string of releases, and not only does it stand on its own as yet another fantastic offering in his nearly spotless catalog, but it’s also a perfect culmination of what each of his past singles have led up to in the place he stands currently.

Wasting no time whatsoever, the relatively short track jumps right into things with Aldn’s soft inflection leading into a grooving instrumental that keeps consistent throughout nearly all of the song’s runtime. The only times it lets up in the slightest are for the ideally placed breaks in the beat itself, which only serve to highlight the main feature of this song and the rest of Aldn’s offerings anyway — that being his iconic vocal delivery.

His performance here fails to stray away from the conventions he’s set for himself from a vocal perspective on past tracks, but that is not a gripe on this song in the slightest. Rather, it goes to show that his one-of-a-kind presence on the mic can be applied to a variety of sounds, styles, themes, or practically any other sort of approach that he intends to put his own spin on. 

What results from all of these factors coming together is a beautifully constructed single that rivals even the best of what Aldn has already released to this point. To be able to make a few remarkable offerings when just arriving to this scene would be one thing, but for each single to accomplish this while also standing out on their own in the respective ways that they do is something completely different, and it goes to show what a timeless talent Aldn is shaping up to be.